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👉 Need more help increasing conversions? Want to learn how to hire and train writers properly? Do you just want a trained pair of eyes making sure you’re doing things right and setting you in the right direction?

I got
you, bro/sis/whoever you want to be!

Over the last 10 years or so, I
maybe have learned a thing or two about SEO copywriting.

I’ve been lucky to have seen real data from real affiliate sites, and just how powerful core copywriting principles can be when applied to product reviews.

In my experience, 98% of SEO content sites have serious content issues. Issues that, if fixed, would result in real increases to your bottom line. 

 I’ve helped dozens of students of mine with all of the following:

✅ Increasing conversions on dead articles
Review formatting and layout for maximum readability and conversions
Finding a brand voice
Improving their own copywriting skills
Creating processes for content management and quality control

Hiring, training, and managing writers
Sales page design and feedback
General therapeutic chat where we both complain about how hard it is to find good writers
Game of Thrones and more therapy about season 8

 See the results for yourself

“Kevin is a rare content writer who knows how to get conversions” -Matt Diggity

👉 It’s $497 for an hour call. Look, I know I’m not cheap, but if you’ve got a lot of ranking content (or plan on creating a lot), then it’s worth every penny.

An between me and you, if you think that’s a lot, you are probably not the person I am looking for. If your mind starts running numbers on how many articles you have an what an increase in conversions can do for your bottom line, you are the one.

Imagine if, after one hour, you knew the following:

✅ How to optimize existing articles for more conversions
How to format your article for maximum conversions
How to reduce bounce rate on all your articles, so readers stick around and actually buy from YOU and not someone else
How to build a brand voice using nothing but existing information online

✅ How to develop a keen eye for talented writers, train them to get better, and keep them on board
How to write powerful landing pages and sales copy
How to evaluate content on all websites so you can find golden opportunities to buy low and sell high with website flipping


Now imagine that you could apply this to every article you ever create for the rest of time. Good copy never changes. So, unless google goes under or the world ends (both very real possibilities), you’ll always get to use this information to make money, scale faster, and retire younger.

One time payment of $497


You get an hour of my time to talk about literally whatever you want web copy related. Or anything related for that matter. Want to talk about the best bars in Ho Chi Minh City? I’m in. Want to see pics of my dog? I’ve got 10,000 of them.

But let’s keep to SEO copy, landing pages, or hiring/training for the most part so you get as much value as possible.

I’ll make loom videos, notes, or whatever else needs to be done to make sure you get as much value as possible.


I’ve had a ton of happy students say they got way more value than they ever expected out of our 1-to-1 calls, and I’m very humbled and happy from hearing that.


Courses and templates are great, but sometimes you just need to be shown things 1-to-1 for them to really stick. If that’s the case, holler at me. I’d be happy to chat.

” Kevin has the unique ability to create amazing content” – Mark Webster