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The single greatest competitive advantage in all of SEO: product review templates based on real copywriting principles and data from real websites


👉 These are the first ever templates based on real sales page copywriting principles and proven to work on real affiliate SEO websites. Enforce them, and you’ll get a great article the 1st time, every time. 


Are any of these headaches holding back your SEO business?:

🛑Articles getting traffic but no conversions
Low-quality articles 
Neverending edit gore
Next to no sales or conversions
Content quality holding you back from scaling and flipping for six figures
Cheap writers having 0 clue how to produce a quality review


Then these templates were designed exactly for you! I have written too many high converting affiliate articles to count. I teamed up with Ben, a content writer and processes consultant who’s helped major brands improve content and scale through smoother processes, documentation, and evaluation standards.

He has worked with major brands like, Avast, and Purple Mattress. Ben is the best person I know for optimizing content team performance and creating standards that improve consistency. His work has been featured on Huffpost and YahooFinance, and he was recently a presenter at the SEO Mastery Summit in Saigon.

What I did is create templates with him that anyone can follow to hit all the right notes that makes commissions happen. 

Here’s some of my work:


“Kevin is a rare content writer who knows how to get conversions” -Matt Diggity

👉 I’m NOT a cheap copywriter because of my track record in the SEO world. And since these templates boil down my secret sauce into a step-by-step format (Also comes with a step-by-step guide to make it even simpler) so these templates aren’t cheap either.

The 3 templates + guide are $297

Expensive? Only for the wrong person. If you are the kind of person who buys stuff online and not do anything with them, you might just as well Paypal me that $297 for free. But if you are the kind of person who has an affiliate site with traffic, you’ll agree with me that this is PEANUTS compared to the commission you can make. Imagine:

The single greatest competitive advantage in affiliate seo – imagine producing a great article for cheap on a consistent basis with 0 extra effort. More time on page, lower bounce rate, more conversions and sales, and fewer rewrites or time editing. Imagine how much faster you’ll scale and how much more money you’ll make than competitors still using the standard broken seo content system.

Increase engagement, sales, and commissions on all product reviews

✅ Boost rankings by improving user engagement metrics and reducing bounce rate

✅ Save time and money by getting a great article on the first try every time

✅ Live longer due to less stress and lower blood pressure (this is probably benefit #1 actually)

✅ Stop losing sales to competitors and fueling their content/links budget

✅ Set-it-and-forget-it content quality: following these templates will drastically reduce time spent outlining, training, editing, and giving feedback – take a nap, enjoy a night out, or maybe get some sleep for once without worrying about content 


One time payment of $297

 Here’s what you get

👉 A high-converting product template based on real sales page copywriting techniques for each of the product review formats: roundup, A vs. B, and single product. Just hand them to your writers and your content quality (and chances of getting sales) will instantly improve on every article so long as you enforce them.


Everything is laid out in a simple format in plain English with clear instructions. The stray dog I adopted in Vietnam could write a good product review with these, and she barely even speaks English (she’s learning, though).

It’s as plug-and-play as possible: write the pros this way. Write the main benefit here. Write the proof here. Compare it to a competitor here. 

If your writers can’t do this, then you need to either hire new ones or do it your damn self. I’ve done 70% of the work – they’re basically just clicking buttons at this point.


Here’s why you need this more than you think you do…

Want to know why your conversions are so low? 

 Because you’re writing content and not web copy. Anyone googling a product review wants to buy that product, and you’re disappointing them by showing some basic seo content. Guess what? They’re buying from a competitor. Congrats, you lost a sale and gave a competitor more money to buy more content…and steal more sales.


The good news is that sales copy is not magic or mystery: It’s a science. 

All of those online copywriting hero worship groups are bullshit. There’s 0 magic, mystery, or silver bullets. 

It’s a system. It’s a repeatable system that anyone can learn and perfect with practice. 

Hell, if you know what you’re doing, it’s actually just a checklist.

The best copywriters in the world know this system and use it on every single sales page they write.

I’ve taken that system, adapted it to affiliate SEO product reviews, and templated it so that every SEO can finally start producing great content without paying a ton of money for it.


Why am I doing this?

I’m selling these for cheap because I’m tired of writing, hiring, editing, and training cheap content writers.

Seriously, I’m done with this S***. I’ve been doing this for almost 10 years, and I want to focus on cooler things like playing music and learning to cook Asian fusion recipes off Instagram.

I charge hundreds of dollars an hour to write and train writers, but I would much rather you just pay $197 for these templates. That way, I can stop writing and you can still have awesome content. It’s win-win: you get great content and I get free time to focus on bigger things. 


You’re going to scale the S*** out of your sites, and I’m going to get free time: let’s both meet in Vietnam in 2 years and celebrate. 

If I were you, I’d get these now before I change my mind and start selling them for $500.

One time payment of $297


P.S: Just so you don’t think I’m kidding these are insanely valuable, here’s what one high ticket affiliate review brought in: 

Yeah, that’s $43,075 and 34 cents. And get this, before the rewriting with my system, it was producing next to nothing. Get my templates now.

” Kevin has the unique ability to create amazing content” – Mark Webster